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We do our best to keep shipping costs down by using USPS Flat Rate Packaging. It it fits safely, it ships. If you over pay on shipping you will immediately be refunded the difference. That is our guarantee.

First Class Mail


Small and LG Rub Shakers

& LG Sprinkle Shaker

The Padded Flat Rate Envelope costs which can fit up to


2 LBS of Maple Cream - 2 pint tins - 2 log cabin tins - 2 glass pints- etc...

The Medium Flat Rate box costs 

which can up to


2 - 1/2 gallons - 8 lbs of maple candy

8 lbs of maple cream - 8 pint tins - 8 log cabin tins

The Large Flat Rate Box which costs Our largest shipping option can fit up to


3 -1/2 Gallons - 12 Lbs of Maple Candy

15 pint tins etc - 12 Waxtops etc - 12 Log cabin tins

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